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i can't edit this (i know, on purpose), but there's a typo in the bottom line there, where it says: 'Visit our forums or take browse the LinuxBBQ cookbook for more information.' - the word 'take' should be removed. thanks :)

MB: Thanks rho, I have fixed it. :)

R: Jules, even though i'm sysop i cannot seem to edit the locked pages (want to remove the category 'Window Managers' from Trollinger and Threesome because uhh why are they there? - tell me if you want them there for some reason, but we need to edit the desc of the WM Category then :) Also, i have no idea how to edit the links on the side, such as 'other resources'. i want to do this because the link to the Blog is wrong.

MB: Sysop cannot edit protected pages. Nobody can. We will not remove WMs categories from Releases pages, because WMs should link inline to the Release (eg. XFCE links to Kielbasa, Stud, Latex and Mother) while these releases link inline to the WM (eg. XFCE). I'll fix the link in the sidebar.

R: okay i understand, thanks

R: hey Jules, i decided to add a 'Recipes' category to the Wiki, as i figured that would be better to have than a single page. Each separate recipe would have its own Wiki page, categorized under 'Recipes', and users could browse the Recipes category to see them all (or at least those good enough to earn a spot on the Wiki). could you add a link to the Main Page for this category? unless you disagree of course :)