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Note to all editors

We appreciate your help in making the Wikicue better. Just one thing: please use proper spelling and Capitalization where needed. This improves readability and makes our articles usable across different Help systems. Editing every single page takes much longer than submitting a well-formatted article. Remember to put the article into one or more categories.

Thank you for your understanding and help!

A few links

This is a sandbox where you can play around with code: The Official BBQ Sandbox

This a quicklist for MediaWiki editing: Yelps!


  • Remember that the layout of the page also depends on the theme/skin used for the Wiki. For example, in the Monobook theme you can fit 3 300px images next to each other, while in the default Dusk theme you can only fit 2, or it wraps to the next line. Fit your work to the default Dusk theme, as it is the slimmest (and default :).
  • Keep an eye out for your brother. Check each others pages and see if everything is nice and smooth, good and balanced (be mindful of missing capitalization in rhowaldt's rantings). When in doubt, start a conversation with the original writer of the article.
  • For every application (often CLI) you add/edit, remember to add a link to the manpage on so people can quickly view manpages from their browser too (as a friendly service :)
  • When you nick stuff from the Arch forums, don't copy it word-for-word. Just use their great resource as an insight into the details of the subject, and transpose it to our own Wiki by way of your unique mind.
  • Keep your articles clean. When editing, both your own and other's files, it is much easier to get a good overview of the article when all the markup is clearly formatted. For example, when you have a long block of code, add the pre-lines on their own separate lines above and below that block, instead of before and after the first and last character.
  • Use proper names for uploaded images. Don't upload stuff with names like '0192838_923njehnee--eheb38n232_scrot.png', because nobody will ever know quickly what type of image it is and whether they want to use it in their pages. Got a scrot of Gimp? Name it 'Gimp_scrot1.png' (assume there will be more scrots).


This is an attempt to get some agreement on how we do formatting of certain things, so the make up of the pages stays uniform.

  • Use 'pre' tags for code. Use 'code' tags for inline-stuff such as an appname or a value.
  • Add a 'hr' HTML tag before the Categories.
  • Put external links in a header called 'Links', and format them as a unordered list, with the link first followed by the description.
  • Use the first type of header for all the main headers, so ==; for a subheader, use three times ===.

Dealing with spam

Unfortunately, Wiki spam is a thing. If you encounter Wiki spam, please be so kind to move the page and add 'SPAM_' in front of it. This way, the sysop(s) can quickly notice the spam and delete the post and ban the user.


As first drastic countermeasure we have disabled registration of new users. If you want to help make our Wiki better and more beautiful, please head over to the forums and write to any of the mods or administrators. We will then contact you.